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In the violent city of Ciudad Juarez, one industry is making a strong and sudden comeback: nightlife. Juarez has reopened after ordering the closure of bars, gyms and churches in the past two years in the wake of the drug war and the killing of more than 100 people in a single day.

Ciudad Juarez, formerly known as Paso Del Norte, is now the city and municipality on the border between Mexico and the US state of El Paso. It has become a center of avant-garde electronic music, which happens to represent artists from all over the world, from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

This makes Ciudad Juarez one of the most interesting places in Mexico, where you can stay even in the middle of winter, in a city with only 1.5 million inhabitants.

The city of Ciudad Juarez also has one of the best nightlife in the country and the second best in Mexico for its lively nightlife. Every now and then you'll find a nightclub, but the advantage over other cities when it comes to nightlife is that almost all of the nightclubs and bars in this city are located in one place, making it easy for all night-lovers to choose a night for themselves. Mexico City with the nightlife of Polanco will not be forgotten, as the Chilangos will be happy to teach you the basic movements.

If you're still a little anxious and decide to retire, we'll feature the best single nightlife in El Paso in our next article.

If you want to explore more of these new cities, we can # I have written many posts about Mexico in the past. Whether you go to one of Mexico City's booming nightclubs, you'll find there are plenty to discover. We looked at some of Mexico's best nightlife, which was chosen exclusively for Mexicans, but still has to drink and have Mexicans.

Nightlife in Mexico is all about enjoying the local drinks, and that's what you can do with these tasty cocktails. Even if you don't like a nightlife, Mexico City is a good place to try some of the best places in the country for a night out with friends and family or just for yourself.

However, not every neighborhood has something for the gringos, and while it is absolutely safe to visit Mexico City, there are some neighborhoods to avoid. Officially it is Colonia Juarez (Colonia, official quarter) in the northern part of the city, north of the Mexican capital.

The Mulata nightclub, considered the trendy nightspot in Ciudad Juarez, is open all day and night. By opening Cafe Paraiso, you can be seduced by the music, atmosphere and great food and drink options for the twenty-somethings and thirtysomethings. It is located in the heart of Colonia Juarez, where national and international DJ's gather to host a party that makes everyone drink.

Ciudad Juarez is a city that hides many secrets buried deep in the sand, but there are many great hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and hotels in Nuevo Laredo that can get your trip on track. If you only have a few days to see all the sights, there is always Mexico City where you can stay for one or two nights or even a week. It has a great shopping street, great restaurants and great nightlife, as well as a beautiful city centre.

Between 2008 and 2011, Juarez was embroiled in one of the worst drug wars in Mexico's history, in which an astonishing 10,500 people died. Mexican society, but it is it that has made it the most dangerous city in Mexico, with the highest murder rate in Latin America and the world.

The violence that brought Juarez to a standstill has defined the city, and its history has still not been fully understood or heard in Mexico's most populous city and the country's second-largest. Most of Mexico's nightlife is in Tijuana's Zona Rio and neighboring neighborhoods of downtown, but the violence and violence in neighboring cities like San Diego and San Luis Potosi are known for their high crime rates. Near Avenida Juarez, the heart of downtown, bar-goers say the street has become less crowded day and night.

In 1889, just a year after Juarez, Tijuana was founded as a city and El Paso del Norte was renamed CiudadJuarez. Both cities were located during the Mexican Revolution, but they were distinctly different, and there were differences in their culture, history, culture, and way of life.

Mexican soldiers rolled into Ciudad Juarez, just across from El Paso, to halt a campaign of killings by rival drug gangs that killed an average of four people a day.

As violence escalated, many youths from El Paso went to Juarez to go to nightclubs to take advantage of the low drinking age. San Cristobal isbes, which means that salsa and reggaeton clubs are the main nightlife attractions. Big house and techno DJs play all night long and give the younger generation a taste of club music.

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