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Juarez is the city's largest colony, and some of Mexico's best restaurants have recently returned to where they were originally. Even a security guard stands at the entrance to guard the entrance, because Colonia Juarez has now experienced a long-awaited comeback.

Oaxaca is home to one of the most diverse and diverse cultures in the world, and its cuisine was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Small tribes that hunted and foraged during the Ice Age settled in the Oaxacan Valley 10,000 years ago, growing the grain, vegetables and plants they had previously hunted. They use local meat, fish and vegetables, as well as spices and spices to make their dishes and offer a variety of flavors that surprise the senses. Traditional tamales (OAXaquena) are served wrapped in banana leaves, like this one at the Colonia Juarez restaurant in Mexico City on a hot summer day.

The restaurant offers a simple menu with traditional Mexican comida, but is known for its pozole and excellent, chaotic service. The owner of the smoker is responsible for the sale of tacos and pollos ZaZA, and there are extra long tacos. This vendor rolls up and serves salted beef steaks and a variety of other dishes, including pork belly and pork ribs, every night.

If you want something a little more down-to-earth, head to Tortas Don Carlos for a giant "Mexican sandwich" that's overflowing with ingredients and cholesterol. Try the tacos, a rolled tortilla with the whole filling, which is very popular with customers, or try the taco con quesadillas with a variety of toppings such as guacamole, chorizo, salsa and chilli peppers.

If you're in the Northeast of El Paso, make sure you try this old, quaint restaurant. Originally known as Tony's Place, this family-run restaurant opened on the outskirts of El Paso in 1927 and was later renamed L.J. "s Cafe. Founded in 1946, it has continued to serve excellent Mexican cuisine to the El Paso community and continues to thrive as one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Texas, if not the country.

Oaxaca's diverse and varied gastronomic offerings range from street markets and upscale haciendas to takeaway pozoles, street tacos and street burritos. In Ciudad Juarez you can choose your meal from many different types of cuisine. Hernandez says: "There's a Crisostomo burrito in Ju Suarez, a Burrito de El Paso and a Taco de Oaxacan and even a Taco de Mexico, but also a Juadalupe, El Cajon or an El Camino de Guadalajara, El Chihuahua.

For a luxury hotel in Ciudad Juarez, the rate is $1.20 USD ($23) per night for one night or $2,000 USD for two nights. If you use public transportation to and from CiadadJuarez, you will have to pay $1 $20 (USD) or $23MXN to travel the 1 km to and from Ciudias.

If you prefer a taxi, remember that the price of a taxi in Ciudad Juarez depends on several factors: the distance from the airport to the city center, the location of the hotel and the number of passengers.

When renting a car in Ciudad Juarez, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of car rental in the city center. There are a few exceptions, but generally you have to behave in Juadalajara to have a good time.

Then there is Café La Habana, which was opened in 1952 and where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are said to have planned the Cuban revolution. There are also international offerings on the menu, so it's a great place to try some of Oaxaca's cuisine. I also visited Munoz's, and there is also a good selection of Mexican and Mexican restaurants in Ciudad Juarez.

McMurrain pointed to the diversity of cuisine, saying he always urges chefs who claim to make "Mexican food" to disclose more information.

Local architect Rutilo Rojas said that from 1876 to 1911, when Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico, rich families built huge French villas - influenced by the French influence - and lived in them, starting with the construction of the El Paso Hotel, the first of its kind in the United States in 1881. The Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, but it wasn't until 1981 that Julio's Mexican food made its appearance in El Paso. Traditional Mexican cuisine has been in business since 1954, and for good reason: El Salvador, Mexico's second largest city, has some great "Mexican" restaurants that offer excellent, authentic Mexican cuisine. Originally, according to the restaurant's website, it was the "first Julio's": "The first" Julio's. "

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